Interview with Flowers basketball player ahead of season


Terrence Brantley

I recently interviewed Isaiah Wade about the upcoming season. During this interview, I asked him if he thought his team would be better than teams of the past. He responded saying, “I feel like this season we are going to be a strong team and accomplish a lot.” Also, I asked what he would be bringing to the team. He answered, “I can contribute hustle plays, defensive plays, steals and transition plays. I will also bring constant energy.” Next, I asked him where he believes his team is going. His response was, “We will beat the top teams; Wise, Roose, and Bowie. We are smack at them”.
He also said, “Our team this year is more talented and we play together well.” Finally, I finished with a question about his future. Wade says, “2019 they will feel me. I always bring the energy. I lay my body on the line.” We are expecting big things out of him and the Flowers basketball team.