The Wrong Physics Class

Jessica Osuchukwu

For the 2017-2018 school year, Science and Technology students have been enrolled in an honors physics class. This physics class is taught by Mr. Edem Andy. During the first quarter, many students were struggling in this class because of the various concepts taught. Students usually had struggle understanding the concept and when tested, many failed. Students also took it into their own hands to teach themselves.
It has been recently confirmed that Science and Technology students have been taught AP Physics whilst being enrolled in Physics Honor. The students were not aware that they are being taught AP physics. These students did not sign up for AP Physics as they did not have the proper Calculus background to understand the concepts taught.
Below are some student responses to this matter:
Kayla Earl: “I’ve been struggling so hard just to know I was being taught AP Physics! The fact that we still got A’s makes me feel smart!”
Cayla Hall: “Apparently it wasn’t his decision to make.”