International Youth Leadership Summit at Harvard University

Anuoluwapo Adepegba

On December 14, 2017, Linda Aaron sent a mass email informing students of a Youth Leadership Summit Program at Harvard University. This program caters to students’ schedules by offering a one day program and a residential program.

The one day Model G20 program costs $350. The college aspect of this program grants students the experience to work with various people that posses different perspectives. Similarly, the career aspect develops students’ ability to apply knowledge to real-life situations. Overall, this one day program will enhance a students’ communication skills and enable them to be more college and career ready.
The residential Model G20 program costs $1,200. Students will participate in a series of lectures and workshops at Harvard University. Students are granted the opportunity to apply this knowledge during the G20 stimulation.
The difference between both programs is that the residential program allows students to receive international exposure, network working opportunities mentorship from Harvard Faculty and Scholars, etc.
Any specific questions can be directed to Patricia Lozada, the President of the Youth Leadership Model G20 Summit, at You can also access their website at:
Deadline Date: December 15, 2017