Winter Skin Care

Kemi Ibrahim

Now that cold weather is here and winter is fast approaching, our body’s skin will become deprived of moisture. Thus, why we have to take extra care of our skin in harsh weather. As the temperature drops our skin all over our body becomes dry or cracked. Here are three major tips for keeping your skin clear, smooth, and soft throughout the cold season:
More cleansing less exfoliating- 
In order to take care of the skin on your face, you have to focus more on cleansing instead of exfoliating. I’m not saying to completely disregard the removal of your dead skin cells but to instead exfoliate once in a while. Although if you insist on still exfoliating, you should use a light exfoliant. Exfoliants can tend to be too strong and unhealthy when overused; they can dry out your skin if you aren’t careful. Cleansers are usually more gentle and can soften the skin while still cleaning out your clogged pores from the cold’s snow or dust.
Invest in a Moisturizer- 
I would highly recommend an oil-based moisturizer for dry skin as long as it is a natural oil such as extra virgin olive oil or lavender. However, if you have oily skin it is best to avoid oil-based products and to use water-based products instead such as all natural aloe vera.
No Hot Water- 
Hot water may seem like a good idea for your skin considering how cold it is at the time but I highly discourage you from using water that is scorching hot. Instead, you should use lukewarm water or steam to open your pores before you exfoliate or cleanse and cold water to close your pores once you finish. Hot water dries out and cracks your skin overall no matter what season it is; it strips your skin of its natural oils and leaves it with bare minimum moisture levels. Refrain from using it to shower or wash your face.