Academic Success as an Underclassmen: My Story

Shanta S. Prince

As an underclassman, grades doesn’t seem really serious. In reality, it’s very serious. One should do the best they can to earn and maintain high grades. This is important because as one moves throughout high school, grades add up and by the time one decides to get their grades together. It’s too late. I was one of those people. Here is my story:
As a freshman, I came from outstanding academic success. I was always on honor roll, and sometimes even principal’s honor roll. I attended Takoma Academy, a private Seventh-Day Adventist Christian school in Takoma Park, Maryland. Throughout my freshman year, I obtained good grades. I finished the year strong and hoped to continue my success.
Going into my sophomore year I began to struggle more. I was caught up in drama and began caring about things that did not truly matter. I had let my grades slip. This was the first year I did not make honor roll in my entire academic career. I was highly disappointed in myself, but I had just gotten a bit lazy with my work. I wanted to be successful, but didn’t want to work for it.
Going into my junior year, my family was going through a huge a financial crisis, therefore my parents could no longer afford the $13,590 tuition. Because of that, I transferred to Flowers. As a new kid, I looked for a group of friends. I ended up surrounding myself with people who didn’t do work, skipped class, and acted out. Due to the negative energy and bad habits I surrounded myself with, I began to skip class and slack on work. I did not prepare for college and did not take the SAT or ACT. In the end of my junior year, my grades were horrible and I had let myself become totally unprepared for college.
Now as a senior, I am currently struggling to get ready for college. College applications and scholarship applications are very time-consuming. I also have essays and projects to do. These things can be very stressful when one procrastinates and is unorganized. I took my SAT in November, and did not score as high as I had wanted to. Unfortunately, I cannot take it again to get higher scores in time for college applications. I also took on a full day schedule as opposed to an internship program or dual enrollment to raise my cumulative GPA. I wish I had kept my head in the game and got good grades. I knew I was able to do it, I was just lazy.
To be succinct, what I am trying to tell you as underclassmen is to stay on your A-game at all times. If you just do the work and plan for college in advance, your senior year can be blissful and fun as it should be. Don’t be like me and get lazy, waste time, and fail to prepare because life is going to come at you fast. I am currently learning that myself. Don’t skip class, don’t do assignments halfway, just do the work. That way when life comes you’ll be able to handle it and be successful. I hope you all take my story as an example, and aspire to do better than I did. I wish you all luck as you continue in your high school career, and hope to hear good things.