AP World Teaching Styles

Praise Oladoyin and Aderonke Adelegan

Charles Herbert Flowers offers AP World History as a course and the two available teachers are Mr. Frank Rogers and Mr. Germaine Norman. The two teachers have different approach towards teaching their students AP World History                   .
“Mr. Norman is an interactive teacher that takes his time to make sure students understand the content,” a  student  names Jessica Osuchukwu said. Another student said, “he uses real-life situations to further explain the topic in order to intertwine it with the lesson.” Overall, Mr. Norman accommodates different learning styles that best fits each student.
“Mr. Rogers is a good person, but as a teacher, he has too much faith, basically, he puts too much pressure on students. He thinks that students go home to take notes and study all the time, but that is not the case. Most times, we are so overwhelmed with our course load that we don’t do the homework honestly. He is unrealistic with his teachings,” a student said. “I feel like he doesn’t answer my questions directly. He refers me to notes that I don’t understand, and when I let him know that, he makes me feel retarded and that is not what a teacher is supposed to do,” another student stated.
From what I have gathered from students in Mr. Norman’s class, he has covered the entire book assigned to AP World History, but Mr. Rogers has barely gotten to cove half of it. As of right now, Mr. Norman is now teaching the students how to apply the content learned to real life situations and how to infer questions. The question now lies in how teaching styles affects the student’s learning.