Jamree Kromah's Commitment to Rutgers!


Raven V. Felder and Donni Blackwell

On December 20th, Jamree Kromah committed to Rutgers University for Football. Jamree Kromah is a 6’4, 250 lb Tight End (TE) and Defensive End (DE) for our Varsity Football Team, who went 10-1 this season. Jamree had 27 sacks, 65 tackles, 1 interception, and 3 forced fumbles. Jamree played an excellent season with the Jaguars and we hope he does the same at Rutgers. Here are some questions I asked Jamree about committing to Rutgers.
Q- First off, Congratulations on your Commitment to Rutgers. What made you choose Rutgers over the other schools that gave you offers?
A- One thing that made me commit to Rutgers is that I always wanted to play Big Ten Football, it was a dream for me since I was in 10th grade.
Q-How did you feel when you finally choose to commit to Rutgers?
A- When I committed to Rutgers, it was a great moment because a lot of football players that are in High school don’t really have this opportunity to sign a letter of intent and be on a full ride scholarship. Also, my mom doesn’t have to pay a dime for anything out of her pocket. It’s a blessing to be here because a year ago I didn’t have nobody and nobody knew who I was. But with God, hard work, and dedication, I made it to be here in this situation.
Q-What did Rutgers offer that the other schools did not offer?
A-Rutgers showed a lot of love by telling me a lot about their school and the situation and the opportunities I have. When I took my visit, all the coaches showed me that they really wanted me to become a Scarlet Knight. Academic wise, Rutgers is a school that has a lot of opportunities because you get a degree and there is a lot of conventions at Rutgers because there are some Alumni all over the country. My family felt comfortable about Rutgers because they felt that this was the best place for me to get a good education and have a great football career. I had some great offers from UConn, Villanova, Old Dominion, and Bowling Green. These were some of my top offers.
We are very proud of Jamree and his achievements. We also want to wish him luck as he starts his college football career in the fall of 2018.