Pandora’s box

Kemi Ibrahim

Pandora’s box
You don’t know my struggles
I hustle
Every night
Trying to fight for my life
Don’t want to live It anymore
This world we live in
This place
And this very age
Is cruel
It’s a dark world
A living space that humans
Who are animals call home
It sculpts you
It changes you
Strips you of your purity
What is humanity
From day one
And anyone can see that
But we all refuse to believe that
The problem is us
This we see around us is our fault
Why must we act as though
Everyday is lovey
And the sky stays sunny
When we can’t even see the sun
Behind the clouds of Pandora’s box
There is fear in those clouds
We let them consume us
disease and poverty
We let them control us
How we determine our worth
As we suffer everyday
But still have to pay
the token
The price to be alive
That Some can’t afford
death came next
Hovering over us all
Breathing down our necks
Waiting to add our souls
To its collection
Sadness followed death
The grief that comes after
An excruciating pain
That we can not physically feel
That’s what makes It deadly
It kills us slowly
From the inside
It wraps its claws around our heart
From the inside
It stays hidden waiting for
a chance to arrive
And pry on its next victim
Then all there is left
Is hope
Not guaranteed
Not promised
Only a way to cope
With what came before it
It’s holding on
When there’s nothing there
And the problem is
It’s the worst of
Them all and
Too much the bare
The thought of wishing
Something or
Someone was there
All of this
Inhabits our home
It alienates us from each other
Makes all of us forget we are
brothers and sisters
Originated from
The same
Creator who put us
To the test
But we fail him
Humans are funny creatures
You see
This generation was screwed
From the very first to be
The two
Adam and Eve
We messed up
The moment we started thinking
Stealing by force was okay
It’s a trap
We were supposed to
Be the human race
But what started as a test
Set us up for the rest
Of the generations
That will face
the original sin
Of mankind
By: Kemi Ibrahim