Let Go

Lateefah Fatunbi

Have you ever been hurt ever so deeply that you couldn’t even cry? It’s like the world is stopping and nothing feels real or alive anymore. You feel pain and emptiness in your chest and stomach. Breathing becomes hard. Living becomes even more difficult. You don’t want to do anything. You don’t want to talk to anyone. It just hurts so bad. People are so used to you being there for them that when you finally choose yourself, they’ll call you selfish and get upset because they’re afraid. They’re scared of what they’ll become without you. Then you change. Your taste in people becomes different. What you wear becomes different. Where you go, who you’re with, everything you do becomes a silent, independent move. Let go of that hurt. Keep going. Don’t keep going for a person, but for yourself. Do it for your own self-love, passion, goals, dreams. DO IT FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS. Know your worth. Know yourself. Let go of that hurt and be the better you. Do it for no one but yourself.