Child Development Game Day!!


Jimmy Edme

On December 20, 2017, Child Development had their Annual Game Day for the Little Jaguars. The point of Game Day is for Student Teachers to create games that will teach preschoolers Basic Math, Colors, and the Alphabet. I asked Ms.Pea to answer a couple of questions about Game Day.

Q: How do you feel about the games that were played today?

A: I think it went well. The teens did a good job, though some of the games were a little difficult, I feel like there was a lot of effort put into the games.

Q: How do you think the Kids and the Parents felt about the games?

A: The Kids really loved the games that had more movement and they were able to connect with the Student Teachers. The parents said that they enjoyed the games and appreciated them.

Q: Is there anything you would change about Game Day?

A: I think the teens need to think about what the preschoolers really know because some of the games were very difficult for them. They Students should consider making the games more about the alphabet, colors, and shapes. I also think that the games should be more interactive and more active so they can catch the attention of the preschoolers.

I feel like the games were very fun and interactive and the students put a lot of effort into making them. I enjoyed playing some of the games myself.

Ally Playing the Math Golf game.