Making Better Decisions


Lateefah Fatunbi and Kelechi Ihejirika

When your parents tell you not to go out, it’s not because they hate you. It’s because they love you and your safety is important to them. You hear people telling these children to get off the streets. It’s not because they want to annoy you or because they just want to talk to talk. Some of you are actually very selfish. You want to make money by all means possible but forget what you’re going to leave behind if anything happens to you. The streets don’t love anyone.
You’re so selfish not thinking about what happens to your family and friends after you’re gone.

You don’t think of the consequences of your actions.
You don’t think of your mom/dad and how they’ll be up worried about you.
What about your younger siblings that looked up to you?
Everyone just needs to relax. You’re 16 and 17 years old throwing your lives away all because you want Gucci belts and designer shoes.
This wasn’t meant to offend anyone but these deaths should be an eye opener. Re-evaluate your bad decisions and make better ones.