Preschoolers sing Christmas Songs


Jimmy Edme

On December 19, 2017, the Little Jaguars from Ms. Pea’s Child Development Class was spreading the Christmas Spirt around the school. The Little Jaguars went around the school singing Jingle Bells to our staff. Here are some questions I asked Ms.Pea about the performance:
Q: How well do you think the kids performed?
A: I think the Staff really enjoyed it and the teens also enjoyed it.
Q: What is the purpose of the kids singing around the school?
A: I believe it helps the preschoolers build self-esteem and it helps the Student Teachers work on their leadership skills because they teach them the songs and walk with them around the school.
I honestly enjoyed hearing the Little Jaguars singing and I saw that a lot of the teens enjoyed it and they were asking Ms. Pea to come to their class and have the kids sing for them.

The preschoolers returning to class.