Lateefah Fatunbi

We went from texting everyday to barely even speaking
hurt my heart so bad, now it is leaking.
I admit I had my wrongs too
but the wrong you did couldn’t compare to what I do.
Silent tears every night
you didn’t even wait to fight.
A relationship I put my all into
thinking there’s no way we’ll ever be through.
Ask me why I do what I do
and I’d say you don’t understand.
See that’s the way my life goes.
No one understands me.
They want my advice.
They want my company.
They want my comfort.
They want my sympathy.
Want me to go miles for them
yet wouldn’t go an inch deep for me.
Is it wrong for me to hurt
this hurt deep in my core?
Tearing through my insides
filling up my soul.
You hurt my heart so bad and it tore
I guess I wasn’t worth fighting for…