Lateefah Fatunbi

Out here, you’re known as the kid from the hood,
the one who’s bad and always up to no good,
people never take the time to understand you,
they always like to just tell you what you can’t do,
the thing I hate the most is that it’s all cause I’m black,
but what about the people making all the hate attacks,
with a brother in the office, you would think he’d take a stand,
but instead he’s still under the white command,
you walk with your hoodie on, you’re known as a thug,
but really you’re just a brother in need of a hug,
cause three days ago you held a gun to your head,
thinking maybe it’d be better if you were off dead,
you point it to your chest and barely miss your heart,
waking up from a coma thinking this is a new start,
to find yourself behind bars about to do a year for a crime,
all for being in the wrong place at the wrong time,
you tried to explain to the white dude in the county blue,
but let’s face it, they don’t give a damn about you,
or anything that you do.
-Lateefah Fatunbi