Divorce–Impact on Students


Cynthia Ofoegbu

Divorce is a very difficult situation for a child of the divorcing couple to go through. This could impact the child socially, emotionally and educationally.
It has been reported that students whose parents are going through a divorce have problems in regards to their behavior. The students are more prone to be aggressive, pushy, needy for attention, and have difficulty controlling their anger.
Interview with an anonymous student going through their parents divorce:
Reporter: How do you feel going to school and your parents are also going through a divorce?
Student: I do not feel like going to school.
Reporter: Why don’t you feel like going to school?
Student: I have a lot of problems going on and I can not deal with them by going to school.
Reporter: Can you focus on you schoolwork?
Student: No.
Reporter: Are your grades dropping?
Student: Yes, they aren’t like how they used to be last school year because I can never focus on it”.
Reporter: Thank you for your time.
This interview proves that a parents divorce can impact a student’s education.
These students could find it harder to concentrate on their work because “they are ¬†experiencing a deep conflict that gives them a sense of insecurity and instability.” Therefore, instead of being focused on their school work, the student’s thoughts are on their parents which is detrimental to their mental health and education.
If you are going through this predicament, talk about how you feel to someone you trust. Also if you feel as though the situation is really impacting you in a negative way, get help.