Grief Counselor Visits Flowers


Shanta S. Prince

On Tuesday, January 2, 2018, grief council members paid a visit to Charles Herbert Flowers High School in regards to the death of senior Kelvin Robinson. Robinson was shot and killed in the evening on December 26, 2017. Students came from the break with heartaches and tears, but hope to stay strong. The council members visited Ms. Williams’s 2B class. This was one of the classes that Robinson was enrolled in before his passing.
The purpose of a grief counselor is to offer condolences to those who have experienced loss, and try to help relieve such emotion. Most importantly, a grief council gives those who are grieving an opportunity to speak their mind and share feelings.
The council member who visited Ms. Williams’ class spoke a bit about the traits of grief and how it operates. She stated that “grief comes in waves” and that you may feel fine one day, and the next you may feel awful. The floor was opened to share any memories of Kelvin and his character.
As many of us deal with such great a loss, many have different ways to cope with these events. The council also made a point that we should “take into consideration that people are going to react differently”. People who did not necessarily know Kelvin well may be upset at such a rate to where the may cry. Others who were close to him may not seem bothered by it, but may be dealing with it in a way that is no typical. No person is exactly the same, therefore reactions to this situation may vary.
As we grieve the loss of our fellow schoolmate, classmate, and friend, we should remember to love on one another as if it is the last moment we have.