CHF Introduces Grief Counseling

Jessica Osuchukwu

With all of the drastic events that have occurred in the lives of the students here at Charles Herbert Flowers High School, there is a change that has been made. This change involves students as well as staff. Within the past 30 days, there were 3 students affiliated with Flowers High School that have lost their lives due to gun violence. These types of events can negatively affect the lives of any student or staff member in the building whether they personally knew them or not.
Due to the devastating death of Kelvin Robinson, who was a senior here at C.H. Flowers High School, a support team of school psychologists, professional school counselors, and pupil personnel workers from Prince George’s County Public Schools joined the staff to provide counseling and support to students and staff.  This is located in the library. This will allow students to receive the proper counseling that is needed to deal with a tragedy like this.