Brain Drain

Shaiyann Palmore

What classes are the most difficult for students ?  It has been discovered that students feel the most drained from Physics, Calculus, AP English Literature, Ap US History and more.  Some of these courses are required for students to graduate and others are required through special programs.  Students that take these courses are academically driven.  Due to the pressure put on students to make the grade, it is more difficult for students to actually retain the information instead of just trying to pass a test. Courses such as Physics and Calculus require a more complex way of thinking as well as the incorporation of other subjects.  In courses that involve advanced reading and comprehension skills students may feel drained because they must think more in depth about what they are reading. Along with these courses come a  heavy work load on top of work from other classes. If students properly pace themselves and focus it can lighten the burden of these difficult courses.