What Defines a Good Teacher?

Shanta S. Prince

As young people go through the stages of life, one including the milestone of high school, a student may find hardship in learning the proper curriculum assigned to be taught by authority.  As it is known, no mind is exactly alike, therefore people learn differently.
When students attempt to gain knowledge through instructional time, there may be complications. The job of the teacher is to help students obtain information through the form of teaching. But what makes a good teacher? How do students define a “good teacher”.
A “good teacher” is defined in infinite ways. This is because there are many different kinds on mindsets. Also, people’s taste in association can vary.
According to junior Nikira Pressley, a good teacher is defined as “someone that goes over the subject thoroughly, making sure the students understand as well as asking if anyone has any questions afterwards, and also sometimes going the extra mile to further explain if needed”.
Students, parents, and authorities mainly determine what a good teacher is. It is a subject that is commonly discussed among many. Teachers have a standard to work up to and much efficiently  do their job.
As we continue throughout this school year, remember to show appreciation for your “good teachers”.