The Importances Of Tracking Applications

Kennedi Young

Ever wonder where your friends, family and loved ones are or if they’re safe? If so, there are applications that you can download on your phone to keep track of your loved ones.
There is an application called “Find Friends” for Apple products where you can track your family or friends. They can see where you are and vice versa. But there is an even better app where you can receive notifications when your family and friends arrive and leave said locations. This app is called Life360, you can also add emergency contacts and Driving alerts in mph. If you’re serious about keeping up with their locations you can upgrade to premium for $7.99/mo, premium includes, safe driving review, crash detection & emergency response, driver & passenger protection, extended roadside assistance, 24/7 driver care support, crime hotspots and alerts, etc.
The importance of tracking applications has sky rocketed. Kids have gone missing or have been found injured, knowing that your friends and family members are safe is a very valuable tool, especially when the device to do so is right in our hands 24/7, it takes 3 minutes at the most to download an application. Why not take the steps to do what’s necessary to keep your family and friends a little safer?