The Importance Of An ID

Carley Walker

Why should students have their ID’s in school at all times?

 We should have our ID’s at all times because there is a lot of things going on today. A lot of people are in schools that they do not belong in, although administrators are not aware because students do not wear their ID’s and administrators don’t check. For safety reasons, students should always wear ID’s because there is a plethora of violence surrounding the school and its community. Therefore, teachers and administration need to be able to identify the students that actually attend Charles Herbert Flowers.
School is very different now, back then students were not as eager to skip and attend to another school or be bold with violence. Every school should have an ID check everyday to make sure every student is in the right place. Children need to know that they can not be mischievous in a school environment; if you are supposed to have your ID then you need to have it. With what’s going on today, there is even more reason why teachers and administrators should check ID’s because it can prevent unnecessary violence in school and misconduct.