Why is following the school uniform policy important?

Danielle Barnes

Uniforms provide a foundation for the school in order to keep the environment safe and in order. Having your uniform on can let the students as well school staff know that you belong to a certain grade. For example, 9th grade wears white polo shirts, 10th and 11th wear green and, 12th grade wears black. Having your ID is a good way to ensure that everyone that is in the school actually attends the school.
A current issue now in the school is that many students don’t wear their uniform or have their ID’s. I feel as though they should wear their uniform and have their ID’s because it is what parents and guardians agreed to when enrolling their child in our school.
I asked two students how they felt about the uniform policy and one of their response was “It is dumb, we should be able to be comfortable while we learn, why does it matter if I am at school and don’t have my uniform on? It won’t affect my learning.” says Charity Walker.