Varsity Boys Basketball Defeats Suitland


Raven V. Felder

On January 11, 2018, our Boys Varsity Basketball Team crushed The Suitland Rams 82-52. The Jaguars finally got a win after a five game losing streak. The Jaguars played team ball which contributed to the win against Suitland. The Jaguars created a lot of hustle plays which caused them to have the lead throughout the whole game. The two top scorers with 15 points was Junior Mikah Tobias and Junior Cornelius Hawkins (CJ). The player that stood out in the game is Junior Bruno Onwarzak. Bruno started the game by doing the tip off. Even though Bruno only had two points through the whole game, he was hustling to get the ball back on offense and playing good defense down low. Coach Brooks starting Bruno really brought up his confidence to become a better basketball player. Here are some questions that I asked Bruno about how he felt when Coach Brooks let him start in the game:
Q- How did it feel when Coach Brooks finally let you start ?
A- It felt good to finally be in the starting line up.
Q- When you get in the game, what are some of the things that you want to contribute to the team to help lead them to a victory?
A- The things that i want to contribute to the team is playing good defense and protecting the paint.
Q- How does Coach Brooks transform you into a better person ? What makes you stand out more than your teammates?
A- Coach Brooks tell me to play aggressive and dominate anyone in the paint. One things that makes me stand out is my height. Sometimes my height can intimidate people. But my height helps me get a lot of blocks and stop anyone who is trying to score from the other team.
Thank you Bruno and just keep progressing throughout the season.
Here are some questions that I asked Rondell Felder, Jr about the win against The Rams from his perspective of coming off the bench.
Q- Congratulations on the Win against Suitland, you played a very good game. I have a few questions to ask you about the game. What are some things that the team did well in the game ?
A- Thank you Raven , the team played for each other yesterday, we also played defense very well and executed on offense.
Q- What are some of the things that the team could have improved in the game ?
A- As a whole, we have to start and finish strong. We tend to slack off in the 4th quarter, so we have to close out games better
Q- What is the team mindset for the game? How does this mindset help bring the team to victory?
A- After taking a tough loss on Tuesday against Wise, we came in the Suitland game with the mindset to get after it and compete. If we compete and play for one another each game, it will lead us to victory.
Thank you Rondell and I hope this success continues throughout the season.
The Jaguars need to keep the same mindset if they want to continue winning throughout the season. The Jaguars have a major game against Bowie Bulldogs on Tuesday January 16th, 2018 at Flowers Gymnasium. The Jv game starts at 5:30 and the Varsity game starts at 7:30. Please come out and support our Jaguars as they take on the Bulldogs.