An Open Letter to Pastors


Manuel A. Morillo and Jalia Williams

Dear Pastors,
The community is in a crisis with a myriad of local teens dying due to gun violence, police negligence, and flaws in the system that allow for easy access to illegally obtained firearms. We need your help! We need more positive messages and reinforcement in our community. We need more after-school activities in the church to help keep kids off the street and out of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We, the student body, here at Charles Herbert Flowers High School and the representatives of communities across Prince George’s County, Maryland need your outreach and influence for change. The loss of peers, family, and friends has left a hole in our community that cannot be filled with simple apologies, our students have been left mentally unstable and needy due to ineffective counselling, and families have been split apart like a chain with a broken link. In this time of need, spiritual counseling and support would be appreciated. We need your help to pave the way for change.
The concerned Journalists of the Charles Herbert Flowers Main Street Journal

Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. of First Baptist Church of Glenarden