President Destroys Dreams

Angel Ramos

President Trump has declared that the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) protecting more than 200,000 Salvadoran families will be evicted from the United States and almost all Salvadoran immigrants will be forced to move back to their countries.
Many Salvadoran families in the community are in fear to return to their country due to the increase of gang violence in El Salvador. As a result, Salvadoran families are scared to bring their families with children because a gang in El Salvador will take kids from families and force the children to join the gangs. Additionally, the police officers in El Salvador are not doing their jobs because they too are in fear because the government in El Salvador is supporting these gangs.
President Trump needs to know that every race matter in this world, whether you’re black, white, blue-green, a life is a life and everyone needs to be heard. Trump needs to know that the U.S isn’t just about one race it’s about everyone in the world, we should all work together to make the world a better place for the future generation, we should be moving forward in the world not backwards.