How Important Do You Think it is to Marry Someone Within Your Religion?

Lateefah Fatunbi

I conducted a series of surveys to ask students their opinions and thoughts on religion and marriage. Do they mix? Are they considering it? Do they think about it? Is it acceptable? Do they believe in it? Are they interested? Find out below.
Response 1: Two individuals who practice the same religion will definitely bond on a more spiritual level.  Don’t get me wrong, you can have strong bonds with anyone regardless of religion, but honestly with religion it’s greater than intimacy. It’s being able to see the future together even after death. It’s being able to teach one another. It’s being able to grow and pray for one another. I think you’re far less likely to give up on an individual you truly love if you practice the same religion. It’s about being able to forgive, understand and motivate one another.
-Rianat A.
Response 2: If both parties are accepting of marrying someone of a different religion, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But some religions don’t allow that, so people end up resenting it or stray away from it.
Response 3: I think that marrying someone within your religion makes it easier for the couple to live out their lives with most of the same views and/or judgements. Marrying someone outside of your religion will of course be complicated unless someone willingly converts but if not, the saying goes man and wife are suppose to be one flesh—together and whole. One of the main problems will be the difficulty that come with worshiping together and how they raise their children.
-Kelechi I.
Response 4: I think that it is important to marry within your religion when building a family. Parents with two different ideologies on religion can cause problems for children.
-Ahmad S.
Response 5: If I marry someone who’s also muslim, I know that they’ll love me and be grateful to Allah for having me, just as I’m thankful to Allah for having you all in my life. I believe it’s easier to do someone dirty when you don’t have Allah involved, but I guess they could still be a bad muslim. Imagine you marry a non-muslim and then you’re praying and they don’t understand what’s going on. They may accept it, but they don’t understand it which I feel like will cause small tensions.
-Yasmeen A.
Response 6: Honestly if you marry someone without having a care for their religion then it shouldn’t matter. Putting one person down for religion is terrible and disrepectful.
Response 7: It’s important to consider religion before marriage, especially if you️ plan on having kids. You have to consider what beliefs they are going to grow up learning. It’s also important to know if you will be comfortable with the change if you and your soon to be spouse have different beliefs.
-Busola A.
Response 8: I believe that marrying someone who shares your beliefs will help your relationship in the sense that you’re more compatible and they’ll face less problems in the future. For instance, the biggest problem when it comes to interfaith marriages involves children. They’ll be multiple cultures and religions clashing that will complicate the relationship further. But if one can make it work, I don’t see why faith should stop one from marrying who they love.
-Gbenro A.
Response 9: You can marry people from a different religion. I don’t see why you can’t. If the two people have a bond strong enough to become married, they can accept their mixed religions. Same sex marriage is a no go. Two people of the same sex should not marry at all. One, it is not religiously correct and two, it is not natural in the world we live in. Regardless of the new laws supporting them to marry, it is not a normal way of life.
Response 10: It’s not that important because religion should not affect your love life. If your emotions and feelings are in a person, your feelings and emotions toward the person should not change because of religion.
-Ayo A.