Jada Adgerson and Gianni Morsell

You don’t care
You watch as men, women, children, and babies
Are inflicted with damage
Damage beyond repair
Those cold eyes have left all hope
Indignity human beings can conflict on
Telling people who have suffered
Excruciating pain and loss
That their pain and loss are illusions
That our suffering is not a reality
We suffer
We are people
The abused not the abusers
Beaten and scared
Afraid to say as we please
Afraid to be separated from those we love
Terrified that we may not see tomorrow
Terrified that we may turn to monsters
Forget who we are
We’ve lost our hope
Our joy
Our identity
How we you live our life
If freedom has been taken away
How can we live?

-Gianni Morsell