The Fall of Logan Paul

Angel Ramos

Logan paul a popular youtuber with more than 10 million subscribers has done something that will forever haunt him for the rest of his life.
Logan paul posted a vlog on Youtube where he went to Japan and went to a location called suicide forest. It is called that because people who are so depressed and think of taking their life go and commit suicide. In the vlog the video shows Logan and 4 other friends go into the forest to explore, but they find a real dead body hanging from the tree and Logan and friends make fun of the body and make jokes about suicide which made the media very angry that even actors started responding to him.
Aaron Paul the actor from Breaking Bad twitted at logan paul saying:

The media is also highly upset with youtube as well for letting this video go viral, Logan Paul’s Fan base is mostly kids between 9-12 of age and the video itself got over 3 million views so millions of kids from the ages 9-12 saw logan paul laugh at a dead body and him making jokes about suicide. The next day logan posted the video he lost 1 million subscribers because of the way he acted.
If you want more information about it is is a video of Tyron Woodley’s from TMZ concerning the matter.