Not Making The Team

Jimmy Edme and Jonathan Rowles

There are many students who try out for the Basketball team, but didn’t make it. Today, I had an interview with Jonathan Rowles and asked him a few questions about his experience not making the team.
Q: What were you thinking when you found out that you didn’t make the team?
A: I wanted to cry and I was very discouraged.
Q:What do you think you can do to improve your chances for next year?
A: I can come in with a different demeanor and work harder than the next man and I believe off-season workouts are very important.
Q: What position would you like to play next year?
A: I would like to play Shooting Guard and Small Forward.
Q: How have you been training for next year?
A : I’ve been staying in the gym at night, getting shots up and working on my craft.
I honestly believe that Jonathan will not only make the team, but also make a big impact in the future.