Alexander Falade Takes His First Official Visit


Terrence Brantley

From January 13th-14th, Alexander Falade, a senior lineman at Charles Herbert Flowers, took his first official visit to Virginia Union University.
When asked about how felt about the campus, he responded, “The campus was more surprising than I imagined. The culture and the history of the school was more than exceptional”. When asked about the city of Richmond he responded, “The city of Richmond is small from a first glance view, but once you travel further into the city, you see it has way more to offer”.
Lastly, he was asked about whether or not this visit put Virginia Union his college list. He answered, “After touring the campus and getting a feel of the university, it still remains one of my top 3 picks.”
Alex is an All-County offensive lineman and we will be looking forward to seeing where he goes when the time comes for him to enroll in a university.