How stressed are high school students?

Danielle Barnes

Is your High School making you stressed? Have you ever had mental breakdowns? Many kids nowadays are struggling in school from the workload and from trying to keep up with their social life. It is very unhealthy to not have fun and work all the time.
Almost everyone has heard about the struggle of balancing a social life and a successful school career; but as simple as it may seem it really is one of the hardest parts of life.
I think that getting good grades and not having a social life including extracurricular activities can’t only help but it can hurt you because when trying to get into college they aren’t looking for someone with just good grades and no extra activities on their resume then you will not get first picks. A plus to being social can have a big impact on your life in the way of connections to getting jobs and many other opportunities.
When I was in the ninth grade I participated in the sport Cheerleading at CHF high school. There I met long term friends and learned many lessons as well as balancing school and a social life. Being a cheerleader takes majority of your time so it makes learn the values of keeping a schedule and being active when doing your schedule.
Next time you think of college don’t just think of the way to get in is getting grades you have to show how good you are as a student and having a social life at the same time.