Window- A Hiaku


Michael Mistretta

Aaand after a month, I am finally back from Africa. Zambia has been called the cradle of the orphan crisis. Of the 10 million people that populate Zambia, 2 million are AIDS orphans that are left to fend for themselves and their siblings alone. And we went—70 North American teenagers and young adults—to go and change the lives we could. We held a camp with 300 orphans: clothing them, feeding them, giving them a place to live. The thought of "white celebrities" coming to hug and play with them brought tears to their eyes. We loved children that never felt what it is like to be loved. My goal, is simply to attempt to give you the slightest taste of what we saw. The hearts that broke. The tears we shed. My goal is to give all of you a look into Zambia—a glimpse into the Heart of an Orphan. view on black ( )

Janasia Crumpler

Young beautiful black
child let your skin glow like the
shine through a window