Favorite Classes and Why

Carley Walker

Why is Algebra 2 and AP World History my favorite classes?

 There are various reasons as to why I like these subjects the best. I have always had an interest for Math and History. I enjoy Algebra 2  because I like how challenging it is; I love doing new problems and learning new lessons. I also take interest in AP World History because I think that you should always have knowledge about history. I’d like to know how the events that occured before I was born. It is always good to know your history because you will find a lot of interesting things that happened such as how we (minorities), gained their freedom. You can always relate the past to the present because some things that were going on back then are still happening in the present so the real question is did a lot change from then to know?

 Algebra 2 is one of my favorite classes because I enjoy the challenge. I also like Algebra 2 because my teacher Mrs. Minnis. She is a phenomenal teacher that makes me understand everything better with clarity. She ensures everyone knows what they doing before she moves on to the next step or lesson of the day. She gives plenty of notes and a plethora of practice questions to reveiw so by the test we recieve a good grade. There is really no way you can fail her class because she gives you multiple ways to make up your grade, she gives notes that you can use on every test. Therefore, if you fail then you must not be doing anything.

AP World is one of my favorite classes because I like history and I’d like to know basically how we, as a country, were brought up. I also like AP World because of my teacher Mr. Norman who makes sure we know our history. He relates everything back today shows how some events that are still going on. He also prepares us for our test and shows us the steps to everything and how to time your test.