Administration Wants Students in Class

Patricia Daniel

The real reason administration wants students in class is because they care about each individual, and want to see them graduate from Charles Herbert Flowers High School.
They want the best for every student, and want them to stay in class and receive an education. Every day a student enters the classroom and gains information, that is one step closer to having all the tools needed to survive in the real world.
They seem hard on every student because they see the potential in them, and they believe that there is more to school than not going to class. Each grade level administrator wants to play a part in every student’s accomplishments when it comes time for graduation. They have been with the students since their  freshmen year and they want them to learn something from their high school journey.
Without our administration, students would not have as much guidance to assist them in making the most out of their high school journey. They help them know that there is indeed a future ahead of everyone, and they will leave a mark after graduating from Charles Herbert Flowers High School.