Logan Paul Suicide Forest Controversy (my opinion)

Daniel Adewetan

As you may know Logan Paul, A famous Youtuber with Millions of fans and millions and millions of views has been through controversy, because he went into a suicide forest in Japan, and filmed a dead body in the video. And has been said to have joked about the dead body and laughed at the body. He has publicly been decried and criticized by fellow youtubers, social media stars, singers, and he has lost certain deals with YouTube and Google because of this incident.
Here’s my take on this former incident. First I believe the video probably should have been censored or the parental advisory or 18 years or older should have been there. But I also believe he wasn’t trying to be mean or disrespectful. He just wanted to see something he never seen before or have an adventure. The massive backlash against him is totally unnecessary to me. Even a suicide prevention center in Japan was pestering the man . They would rather waste their time arguing and bickering like babies over this incident, then to actually help suicidal people. Just remember that other people have went into the forest.
The problem to me is that he showed the dead body of the man live to millions of little children. That’s the problem. I don’t think he was laughing at the dead body. He was probably shocked at seeing the dead body. Then paused, his friend probably telling a joke non-related to the incident. Then he laughed. Because the joke was funny. I believe people are twisting the narrative that he was laughing at the dead body. Maybe it was an accident. Or certain people will simply lie and deceive the masses because they have a grunge against Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul. You never know. People might have bad intentions. For some reason they hate Logan Paul and will use this sensitive subject to bash and criticize him.  And destroy his career. Jealously goes a long way. This controversy to me is going out of proportions. Those celebrities don’t actually care about saving people’s lives. They go on Twitter and tweet for hours about how suicide is bad and that you’re not alone. Do they GENUINELY care or are they tweeting just to make themselves look good. It’s probably just a scheme so they can get more followers and just make more money. In short, the problem in the video isn’t merely suicide but censoring. He didn’t even plan to see a dead body in the forest. He just wanted to visit the forest and prove that there is a forest in Japan where people commit suicide. Probably if the suicide prevention team spent more time-saving people lives and helping vulnerable people with suicidal thoughts then they do bickering and dehumanizing Logan Paul,  the suicide forest wouldn’t have existed in the first place.