Have you Fallen in Love?

Shanta S. Prince

How does one know if they have fallen in love? What are the standards for love? How much time does it take to fall in love? These are frequently asked questions by people all over the place.
Relationships are a fragile thing in the modern world. This generation lacks the true meaning and appreciation of love, and nowadays, it is harder to tell if one has truly fallen in love. A widespread of lust has covered this world, and diminishes the art of real love.
When making someone your significant other, you want to keep them for as long as you can. As time passes and you spend time with this individuals, you may find yourself more and more vulnerable in emotions and comfortability. You may find your emotions for this person falling deeper. As you and your significant other fully get to know each other, have a friendship and build a bond, and keep the same energy and vibe, falling in love may be a result.
Falling in love is a delicate things, and it shouldn’t be taken likely. Always remember that there is someone special out there for you, and someday, you will get to experience the bliss of love.