Train your Brain!!

Train your Brain!!

Jimmy Edme

Adjusting your mindset

  • Avoid putting yourself down. Instead of thinking, “I’m a mess, I’ll never have enough time to study for this exam,” look at it like, “I might not have enough time to study, but I should get most of it done.”
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others, because you might end up feeling bad about yourself. Your skills and abilities are unique to you, and you alone.

your study environment

People often make the mistake of studying in a place that may not allow them to concentrate or think. A place with a lot of distractions causes people to have a poor study area. If you try and study in your room, you may find the computer, TV, or your phone more interesting than the reading material you’re trying to study.
Your local Library,  or a quiet Coffee Shop are good places to check out. Make sure you choose a quiet area in those places. Finding an ideal study place is important, because once you do, you’ll be able to study more efficiently.

Don’t bring unnecessary items with you

Playing games, texting, and watching videos are all wonderful activities but they have nothing to do with studying. Ask yourself if you really need your laptop to take notes, or if you can make it happen with just paper and a pen or pencil. If you decide to bring your phone, keep it in your purse or backpack to keep you from getting distracted.
Don’t forget the things you need to study for the class. It’s very time-consuming when you have to run back and forth because you forgot an important book, paper, or something else you needed to study. If it’s easy for you to study with your favorite music playing, try playing your favorite playlist to avoid interaction with your phone during your study time.

Use memory games

Memory games are methods used for remembering information. It helps to create new phrases or sentences that are easier to remember than the information you’re trying to learn.
I have been using these methods for a while and they’re very effective and have made a big impact on the information I learn while studying.