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“In all of your years working with students, what were some of the most unexpected successes you witnessed – I
could use a little pick me up?” —Jamie S., Rutland, VT.
A: Don't let others’ expectations determine your future
Several years ago, a student entered our school whose challenges with learning were so significant
that his parents were told from various professionals there was a chance he would not graduate from
high school. Fortunately, he was not deterred by these comments and chose to work hard and accept
the help he was offered. Throughout high school he pursued his passion for the environment and
took advantage of every opportunity to learn both in and out of the classroom. He not only graduated
high school, but earned several college acceptances with merit-based scholarships. This student
never stopped seeing the possibilities for himself; his efforts were justly rewarded as a result.
-Kristen Tabun– Director of College Guidance - Woodlynde School
A: Persistence paves the way for the dream school!
I was working with a student this past year who really did not find her academic footing until just this
past year. Her GPA and test scores were a bit 'under the weather' until the end of her junior year and
start of senior year. With a shot out of the gate senior year, she had high hopes for a school that I
thought was quite a reach, and perhaps beyond reach. With a well-crafted list of schools, we included
this 'dream school'. This student spoke to admissions, took seriously what she needed to do on the
ACT, and besides the fact that she took several tests beyond the suggested number, she was admitted
to this dream school.
-Sandy Furth— College Advisor - World Student Support
A: One Senior's success: he did not give up
I had one of those unexpected success stories this year. One of my seniors, a hardworking and
determined young man, applied to several selective schools. We talked about his choices. I explained
I could not guarantee acceptance to many of his choices. He was denied as an ED applicant at one
school but this did not discourage him. He knew the odds were against him. I am happy to say that
one school considered the whole student and did not rely solely on grades or test scores. Come
August he will be attending the college of his choice.
Maureen Lawler– College Counselor - Bishop Kelley High.
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