Peer Pressure & Ways to Deal With It !

Kennedi Young

Have your “friends” ever tried to get you to do something and you knew you didn’t want to? That’s  called peer pressure. Peer Pressure occurs the most around your so called friends. Students should know ways that they can get over or deal with Peer Pressure.
KNOW YOUR BOUNDARIES:  Know when to say no.
DON’T LET PEOPLE OVER STEP: Don’t allow people to walk over you.
THINK OF PEOPLE’S INTENTIONS: Remember everyone isn’t in your best favor.
THINK LONG THE FUTURE: Think of what will happen later, it may effect long term.
LASTLY REMEMBER WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE: Everyone isn’t your friend , people will get you to do things that may not be good for you.
You have to think about yourself and what may happen in future reference. Peer pressure can cause things to spiral and ruin things. Know how and when to say no.