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“What are some of the most unexpected costs for incoming freshman?” —Peter T., Covington, KY.
A: Textbooks are expensive, but essential
Trying to stretch your dollars by borrowing books from friends in your classes is a recipe for poor
academic performance. Find out if your campus has a book rental program. Search on-line for used
books, but check the ISBN number to be sure you have the correct edition. Look for less expensive,
electronic versions of textbooks, but remember they can’t be sold back to the bookstore at the end of
the term. Some electronic versions are now available by the chapter, a great cost saving when the
professor assigns only a few chapters of a book.
-Peggy Hock – Educational Consultant - UC Berkeley
A: Extra expenses can add up quickly
If you decide to attend a college far from home you need to factor in travel expenses. How often will
you go home? How will you get back and forth? What about climate differences? If you’re going
from home in Florida to college in Maine, you’ll need to purchase a very warm winter coat, hat,
gloves, snow boots, warm socks, etc. What about clubs and organizations? It costs money to join
fraternities and sororities. If you go to college in an urban area expect to spend more since city life
can get pricey. I suggest having a conversation with your parents about setting a monthly budget for
all those extra expenses.
-Hanna Serota— Counseling Department Chair - Hudson High School
A: Expect to save money by planning for the unexpected
Planning to fly home for Thanksgiving or winter break? Make those flight reservations ASAP. Holiday
airline prices only go up! Poster sales: every campus has them at move-in time; plan to buy a couple
for those bare residence hall walls. And while you are decorating that room, you will also find
someone selling carpets nearby. Professors’ class notes are usually available at the bookstore…for a
price. Eating out or bringing pizza in? Plan for more times than you might think. Finally, you will want
your school t-shirts for those football games; unless you can find the free ones!
-Mabel Freeman– Asst. VP for Undergraduate Admissions - Ohio State University
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