Jaguars Wrestling Team Falls to Parkdale


Raven V. Felder

On the 20th of December, our Wrestling team lost against the Parkdale Panthers 40-21. The Jaguars did really good but lack technique. There are a lot of new members on the team who never wrestled before. The Jaguars tried their best, but that wasn’t enough to come out with a win. Here are some questions I asked Mr. Felder about the Parkdale Match:
Q- How did you feel about the outcome of the match?
A- We tried our best. We just need more people on the team and more people participating in lower weight classes.
Q- What could the players do to improve the outcome of the match?
A- The players need to set up to take the opponent down. Also, they need to have a better stance. So, instead of being higher than the opponent, you should be lower than your opponent. We also need to work on wrestling from the bottom and knowing when to do certain moves. Knowing when to do certain moves was one of the keys of why we lost the match.
The Jaguars tried their best at the Parkdale Match. If they improve on their stances and their techniques, they will come out with a victory at their next match. If you are interested in joining the wrestling team, please see Mr. Felder in room 1124 or email him at [email protected]