Most Embarrassing Things that Happen to You in Class!!

Nadiyah Williams

Now everyone has had that embarrassing day in class that you just can’t live down. Regardless of how embarrassing it really is at the end of the day those are your high school memories and although it might seem embarrassing now later down the line you will have a good laugh off of it. I asked a few students in Charles Herbert Flowers grades 9th-12th what was the most embarrassing thing that happen to you in school. They asked to be kept anonymous but here are their stories.
One day when I was in history during period 2B I was turning in my test and went back to my desk to sit down and BOOM! Out of nowhere my chair broke and the entire class literally laughed. -anonymous
In the 9th grade for algebra 2 I called myself being sneaky and trying to cheat off the girl test who was sitting beside me. Little did i know she purposely put the wrong answer because she knew i was cheating. That’s exactly what I get! my teacher called my grade out loud. I received a 1/14 i was so embarrassed and I learned my lesson not to cheat.                   -anonymous
In class my friend was playing to much tickling me and I accidentally farted it was out loud and it stunk. My friend ran away from me after – anonymous
When I got in trouble my mother made me take a flip phone to school with a really weird ring tone and it went off in class and everyone laughed at me. -anonymous
When I was in chemistry I went to my chair and I wasn’t paying attention and someone pulled my chair back and I fell and everyone even the teacher laughed at me -anonymous