student athletes and clubs

Nadiyah Williams

Being a student athlete can be the most stressful thing in the world. From having performances, games, meets and matches and don’t forget 2- 3hr practices how can you manage everything. Well me personally being a student athlete and running Track and field I understand that it is so hard to manage both your school work and your activity. I went around the school asking different students how do they manage their sports and clubs and their responses where.
It is very difficult to keep up with all of my 8 classes and on top of that go to practice for 2-3hrs then have homework when I get home it takes a lot of time to get everything done but I always manage to make everything work out just fine.  ~From a flowers Track & Field Student
It is to much work when you get home late on days when every teacher gave you homework. It is also hard when you have to leave class early for a track meet then having to come back to school trying to play catch up with all of your work from the classes you missed. ~ Flowers Track& Field Student
It is hard very challenging and sometimes difficult especially with practice almost every night and football and basketball games happening almost every week it is a lot to keep up with but at the end of the day you have to do it. ~ Flowers Cheerleader
Trying to stay on top of work is difficult because of my 2-3hr practices and sometimes I’m to tired to go home and do it or its really late when I get home so I’m up all night trying to finish work for the next day and sometimes I miss out on sleep so it is a lot of stress at times. ~ Flowers baseball player
It is fun of course it is going to be difficult having to manage both but it is a challenge and you have to be up to the challenge to balance both school work and your clubs at the end of the day I make it work and stay on honor roll. ~ Flowers Koutre