The Dreaded Wednesday: A Sonnet by Nicholas Cavanaugh


Nicholas Cavanaugh

Evan Eubanks

Nicholas Cavanaugh is a 12th grade student at Charles Herbert Flowers who wrote a sonnet about Wednesday for Ms. Whitworth´s Advanced Placement Literature 2A class. The sonnet is written below.
Wednesday: often referred to as “hump day.”
It is, indeed, the fourth day of our week.
However, I see it as pure decay
With a stench that undisputedly reeks.
Wednesday is the harbinger of demise;
Cold and calculating in destroying
All of us, who would prefer not to despise
Living on Earth. Wednesday is annoying!
From past history nothing good happens
On Wednesday because it sustains much dread.
Events, such as fighting, hurts and saddens,
Then physical calamity is spread.
I can not digest some complexities,
But I must avoid Wednesday felonies.