Freshmen Fears

Danielle Barnes

Coming into a new environment can make you nervous and create fear. Being at the bottom of the food chain is somewhat like trying to survive. As a junior, I have experienced the feeling of being a freshman, coming into high school, and can testify that it can affect you. Trying to fit in high school can put you in a bad wrong position. In my almost three years being in high school, I have learned to not be scared, but confident when taking on the journey of high school.
High schools have so much to offer from life-long friends, to sports, as well as events. Being active in your school community can not only make it better to adjust to the new environment, but it can also help you to find your niche. I am in the Science & Technology Program here at Flowers, and I’ve had the opportunity to take Medical Science as a class. Here, I found this class very interesting and I have decided to go into the medical field, as a career after I graduate high school.
Don’t be afraid to talk to people because high school is where you can find friends, as well as teachers, who will push you to do great things. You also can’t let little things take you out of your character. This is where drama comes into play. Drama is unnecessary in high school because your main priority is to graduate with an excellent intellect, and proceed to college.
Let’s be great at the Mecca!