Rush Hour: How Long It Takes To Get Ready In The Morning; Tricks To Speed Up The Process

Kennedi Young

The running late look is always stressful! TRUST me I know, in the mornings on a regular day of school it takes me about an hour to get completely ready and I’m still end up late. Me being a girl I take pride in my looks.
So I’ve been trying new things to prep myself for the long hour it takes me to get ready.
Here are some things that may help :
Iron your clothes in the morning so this will help you once you’re out the shower you won’t have to rush to do so.
Pack your lunch or snack at night so that you can just grab the bag out the kitchen on the way out.
Make sure all your books and things are in your bag so you won’t have to rush accidentally leaving papers and important things behind.
These things can be important and helpful for your struggling mornings.