Has the Meaning of Love Deteriorated?

Shanta S. Prince

When you look at your parents, or an older couple, and still look like they just fell in love, does it make you wonder how things have changed over time. Even when you see Martin and Gina from Martin or other couples on TV, do you wonder how do they have such a fun and loving relationship? This generation is so much more different than the way people would in the 90s, or other eras. Chivalry is dying, and it seems that love is no longer valued.
Nowadays, it seems that relationships are revolved around sex and lust. Good people aren’t hard to find, and love is just being drained.
Love is supposed to be a treasure and it is supposed to be magical. It should bring people together, whether in friendship, relationships, marriages, or as relatives. People today argue, fight, and kill so much that it seems that love is nonexistent. We should take the time to find the value in one another, and learn to love each other. No one is perfect, and we should reestablish the value of love. Love heals, and as long as we have love, this would can be a better place.
So allow me to ask, do you think love is leaving?
What are you going to to about it?