Leading Ladies Educate On SMART Goals

Jessica Osuchukwu

On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, Flowers’ Leading Ladies’ Mentoring Program hosted another one of their weekly meetings. During this meeting, the mentor, Brianna Anderson, prepared a series of activities that revolved around the subject of goals, specifically SMART goals.
For example, in the beginning of the meeting she prepared an activity entitled “Victim vs. Creator.” This activity was about the difference between someone who is guilty of something and someone who is an instigator of the situation. With this in mind, there were scenarios read to the members in which they were supposed to tell if they were the victim or the instigator.
Also, the members created vision boards to depict their lives within the time frame of 1-10 years. All in all, this meeting taught the members of Flowers’ Leading Ladies about how to set measurable goals.