The College Fair Extravaganza

Jessica D. Brown, Staff Writer

    Many students flooded Main Street as they were greeted with the smiling faces by patiently waiting recruiters. CHFHS sponsored their annual College Fair on Thursday, September 28, 2011. This fair enabled students, particularly seniors, to think about where to attend college. With the various amounts of colleges represented, students were able to view their options with a level of excitement.
   It was said that many colleges recruit students from the metropolitan area (Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia) because we are the largest out of state group with outstanding and successful students.  Most colleges look for leadership, determination, and stability. The Grade Point Average requirement for the majority of these universities requires no less than a 3.0.
Several colleges were represented, such as Delaware State, Marymount University, Towson University, York College, Prince George’s County Community College, Morehouse/Spellman University, University of Maryland, and North Carolina Central University. For students who aren’t considering college, another option could be the military branch. The Marines, Army, and Navy were present at the college fair as well.
Students were able to sit down and interact with the various representatives. Recruiters answered questions that students had about their college of interest, such as the amount of people, the classroom environment, and the cost of tuition. Students were also given the opportunity to request applications and more information.  It is important to know which college offers the career path you would like to pursue.
“College is not just about a person who is ‘book-smart’ because you fall short in the social life,” stated Shawn Carr, representative of Coppin State University.
Ms. Blake was the coordinator of the event. She advises seniors and juniors to narrow down their top ten colleges of interest, five in-state and five out-of-state. Seniors should ask questions, find out what best fits them, complete the FASFA application and apply for scholarships. Though the College Fair is held only once a year, Ms. Blake allows several other colleges to visit our school throughout the year.
Columbia University will be at Flowers on November 3rd, as well as Harvard University on November 7th. If you are interested, please see your guidance counselor.