CHFHS Welcomes Chinese Foreign Exchange Students


Vanessa Roachè

on January 29, 2018, an event was held to welcome all Chinese foreign exchange students.

Beven Hu Yang, age 17, said his favorite part was the drama’s club performance. Drama performed “Can You Feel It” by the Jackson 5. All 11 foregin exchange students really enojyed the welcoming perfomance and show we put on for them. Our Lady Jaguar Step Team, Drama Club, Cheer Team, & Poms put on an amazing performance.
These students will only be here for a week. Within that week, these Chinese exchange students hope to better learn and understand English. They want to embrace our school’s culture, and become more knowledgeable about American culture in general.
*I will be back at the end of the week to interview them on their Jaguar experience.*